Martingale Collars AKA Sighthound Collars
Beagle necks are sometimes fatter than their heads. Correctly sized collars can slip off if they pull backwards.

Martingale collars contain an extra loop which allows a loose-fitting collar to become snug when pulled. This is different than choke collars, which should never be used.

In the picture, the Beagle’s head goes through the larger loop. Increase the size of the larger loop to slip it over your Beagle’s head. Then, adjust it to fit—should be able to easily slip 2-3 fingers under properly adjusted collar. Attach the leash to the ring on the right for the collar to function as a Martingale. Attach the leash to the ring at the bottom for the collar to function like a traditional collar.

The best selection and pricing for Martingale collars that we have found is at


Cure for dogs that bolt through open doors and kids that leave doors open

The Flexigate, available from, was the long-sought solution to Beagle-proofing our doors at Beagle rescue.  We chose the extra tall model and added two extension panels.  The angle of the panels can be changed so that the gate assumes any shape desired.  The flexigate brackets attach to the wall with two screws and the gate can be snapped in place and removed instantly.  We find this feature very convenient for floor cleaning and carrying in large packages.

When humans come and go, we make sure the gate is closed before we open the house door.  Once everyone is inside and the house door closed, it is safe to open the flexigate.  The two extension panels make the area within the gate large enough to accommodate several people.  The swing-gate is secured by a simple closure which has an optional-use spring-loaded safety catch.  On the extra tall model, the latch is above the eye level of exploring children.  However, adults may need to read the instructions to master it.  

Finally, for homes where the darn cats are allowed to do anything they want, there is a cat-size mini-door in the gate that can be left open.