Hannah and Grumble.

Grumble not yet shown, pics are just of Hannah.

 This beagle duo were turned in to a dog pound as strays, although they don't seem to be the type to rush a door or chew through a fence. They were not in very good health--hypothyroid, skin infection, large benign growths. All that is now on the mend. They are bonded and would like a situation together. Grumble rightly points out that together they are less work than a single beagle. The duo fit into our home routine seamlessly--we would label them "plug and play". They are Housebroken and not barky. Grumble is the smaller of the two but has the larger personality. She is very interactive and quite the comedian. Hanna is larger, but wants nothing more in life than for Grumble to play with her. She follows Grumble, pushing her and nipping at her legs, trying to get her playing, but Grumble just ignores her and Grumbles. We think they may be mother and daughter. Grumble estimated birthday 10-13-06. Hannah estimated birthday 10-13-08.