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Rescue Service for Beagles

~ Gently Used Beagles with a Difference ~

Where do Beagles rrrrrrr Us Beagles come from? They come from dog pounds where they are about to be euthanized. They are young, old, healthy, injured, or sick Beagles and mixes that have become lost or have been abandoned by their families.

Why should I adopt a rescue beagle? Our beagles have had some hard times in their lives. We find that supplying the missing love and security creates an especially strong human-beagle bond. Every homeless dog adopted from a shelter or rescue is a vote against the pain and suffering caused by irresponsible breeders and puppy mills.

What guarantees does Beagles rrrrrrr Us make? You get a loving family member and 100% refund of the adoption fee if at any time you can no longer care for your Beagle. All Beagles are spay/neutered, heartworm checked and vaccinated. The beagles live as house pets while in rescue, so we are able to give you insight into each one’s personality and good and bad habits. We work with you to make the right match for you and your family.

How do I adopt a rescued Beagle? Contact Beagles rrrrrrr Us to obtain an adoption application and meet the pack.

Are Beagles easy to housetrain? Beagles housetrain about as easy as any other dog. We can tell you how well a beagle is doing in our foster home and provide information to help you correct any housebreaking or other behavioral problems.

Can Beagles be obedience trained? Yes, most beagles are highly food motivated and can be trained with positive reinforcement. Since we humans have created the beagle breed to follow their noses, those with strong hunting instincts may choose to chase a squirrel or rabbit over obeying the “stay” command.

Are Beagles good with children and cats? Yes. Beagles make excellent children's pets because they are gentle and submissive. Of course, for the safety of both, small children and animals should be supervised when together.

I’ve heard beagles are noisy. We find that most individuals are not particularly vocal. Many beagles live in deplorable situations—chained at the back of someone’s property. Suffering intense loneliness and boredom, they have no other outlet. Perhaps this is the source of the stereotype.

Does Beagles rrrrrrr Us need volunteers? Yes we do—on your terms. We need foster homes, adoption counselors, event coordinators, fundraisers, transporters, pooper scoopers, etc. We need humans to come and just plain help pet the beagles. Please inquire.